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 Dual channel plug diverter valve
Suitable for diverting bulk solids in pneumatic and vacuum conveying lines
The dual channel diverter valve type TWD is designed to divert or combine solids in powder or granular form in pneumatically operated pressure (dilute, dense phase) and vacuum conveying handling systems.
These diverter valves are used in more heavy duty applications especially in situations where short switching times are required. Dual channel diverter valves are standard designed for a max. system pressure of 2 bar.
Valve features
Shortest possible switch over time as designed with two separate channels
Plug with two separate channels
Diverting angles 35°
Position change without stopping gas stream
In special cases, the change over could be done during product conveying
Powerful pneumatic actuator connected to plug by means of lever
No moving parts outside package unit for maximum work safety
Quick cleaning by simple removal of non drive side cover
Standard designed for max. system pressure of 2 barg
Max. solids temperature up to 120°C
Available in 5 sizes ranging from DIN50 up to DIN125
Two-way flap type diverter valve
Designed to meet the pneumatic conveying industry's requirement to route powder, pellets or granules from a product source to two receiving points with minimal pressure drop. The RD diverter valves find their application in the conveying of non abrasive, free-flowing products. RD type diverters are designed to suit simple two-way diversion in pneumatic conveying systems operating at pressures up to 1 bar.
Valve features
• Compact design/construction
• Small divert angle -22,5° 
• Low pressure drop – minimal transition effect
• Smooth internals  - no lodgement points 
• Simple access and maintenance 
• Dust enclosures up to 1 bar 
• Wide selection of materials 
• Pneumatic and/or manual actuation 
• Available in 8 size ranging from 50 up to 300 mm
The RD diverter valve is constructed so that the internal synthetic flap always seals against the bore of the housing. The flap components and actuating cylinder are connected to the drive shaft which in turn is integrated into the valve body.
The RD diverter consist of a robust body manufactured in two sections, split at a centre flange for ease of access to the internal sealing flap. Due to the cone transition at the inlet, the sealing area within the cone forms a complete parabola and therefore an efficient internal seal can be maintained without resorting to sealing ledges. With no lodgements point and a gradual transition from one line into the other it limits turbulence and pressure drops. 
Choice of materials can cater for the majority of applications. Materials available are: cast iron, stainless steel, aluminium or chemically nickel plated. By coating the body and internal components mildly-abrasive products can be handled. Actuation can be handled manually or with pneumatic air cylinder (direct- or in-direct driven). All diverter valves can be executed with limit switches to indicate open/closed conditions. RD type diverter valves are available in 8 sizes ranging from 50 up to 300 mm with circular connection flanges.
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